Sales and Marketing Tips

Business Ads & Social Marketing

Tips and tricks for sales and improving buyer contacts.

Let us assume that you wanted to sell a house. Before selling a house, make sure you repaint it and clear all issues like water clogging in bathroom, broken tiles, anything that can cause a buyer to stop and think twice.

Once these are done, take some nice pictures ready to put in our Malaysian classifieds (iklan-iklan). As pictures are true worth that speak for themselves in a sales advertisement. Mention in your ad if agents are welcome to make deals.

Use a high quality (Pixel quality) camera to take pictures. If your camera is no good or lousy, ask a relative or friend, to snap the picture for you. When you take pictures, position or angle from which you shoot is very important.

Let us take another example: Selling a car

Remember that usually people who want to buy a car are looking for the car in and around their place of stay. A man in Penang city usually is not looking for a car in Kulim. So what we can do as a seller? We can choose “Location” in the posting (paling penting). So, that people who are searching for a car are able to see the location that they prefer to see if any cars are for sales.

It means like a Penang person, will look around Penang or maybe Penang State, not farthest further. So, it is not only placing classifieds with us as a mobile advertisement portal for Malaysia including Sabah/Sarawak.

Buyer checking and response times

It is also important on the details and quality of the contents that you put in it. Do you know how much time a buyer spends time to view an advertisement? Just a few seconds like maybe 50-60 seconds….

Targeted Audience

So, within this few seconds of time, we need to catch the eye of the buyer with content and also the picture presentation. Of course, you can use the Facebook, Instagram and other social media for marketing. Ours is a dedicated Malaysia classifieds and advertisement platform that brings in lots of categories and business services together.

Because of our multidiscipline approach, it is very good chance that your ads can hit top level in Google page searches. Google ranking is very important for marketing and advertisement operations all over Malaysia. You can post your ads from state to state all over Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak.

The digital era of marketing campaign and classified advertisement for Malaysia has begun. Many retail markets are now plunging into online campaign in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government has launched lots of SME and MSME (Micro SME) programs due to the latest Covid 19 pandemic issue. Even though the Lockdowns are being slowly relaxed, still our social life needs to be controlled for health and safety reasons. That is why online trading and business marketing is so important in our Malaysian life and culture.

Providing clear contact details are very important. For example, you can state in your ad: "Please contact by Whatsapp for fast response", if you will be easier to respond to buyer questions than an email. Ensure that your email and Whatsapp are correct by checking again and again. A wrong number or typo error can be a problem in an ad campaign.

In our platform, after you signed up and login, you can see a "Profile" section, where you can change your email and Whatsapp number whenever you want and it will be immediately reflected on your advertisement as well.